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Kindness At Work

My husband and I both retired AF vets, and I had just relocated to a new city upon his retirement. when some months later, he suffered what would be the first of two heart attacks. I had only been in my new position as a university department administrator when it happened. Not having any children or any relatives in the area, I was frightened, but prepared to wait in the 'Family' Waiting room alone. Suddenly, looking up, I saw my new supervisor approaching. Sitting quietly talking with me and periodically holding my hand, we waited for the doctor to come and talk to me. A medical doctor/scientist, she was able to explain a lot of the medical terms and ask questions about my husbands diagnosis and prognosis that I didn't know to ask..Her being there both surprised and humbled me. That she didn't really know me and took time out to support me, cemented our relationship over the years as 'family' instead of employer and employee, a friendship that continues to this day.

Carol Gee, Author


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