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Saving a Life with Kindness

One afternoon, my friends and I were painting a banner for our high school homecoming in the hallway but kept having to go inside of the girl’s bathroom to wash off our messy brushes. I noticed a girl standing in the bathroom quietly sobbing to herself. Everyone kept passing this girl, pretending she wasn't even there. I myself had spent several years of high school standing in bathrooms around the school crying because I was struggling with depression and anxiety. It triggered something deep within my heart as I saw some of myself in this girl.

So, despite being a bit shy walking up to a stranger, I approached the girl and asked if she was okay, even though I knew she wasn't. She shook her head no and I told her that she wasn't alone and I would do anything she needed me to, to ease this pain she was in. The school day was almost over though and she had to catch her ride so I gave her my phone number and made her promise to text me that night so we could talk and so she wouldn't have to cope alone. We ended up texting most of the night and the next morning she told me had I not stopped and given her my time, she probably would have gone through with her plan and committed suicide.

I had no idea as we were standing in the bathroom that she was about ready to take her life and that an act that seemed so small to me made all the difference in her life. It made all those sayings about the power of kindness suddenly seem so true.

That day reaffirmed my decision to find work in a field where I could help those struggling with mental illnesses. Today I am in the process of starting my own organization called "Fight For Your Infinity" to bring light to those who can't currently see it themselves. I will continue to fight for those suffering because nobody should ever feel like they aren't cared about. I care and I will spend my entire life spreading that message.

The girl in the bathroom still has her life and I love seeing that she hasn't given up.


JANUARY 26, 2021
In a world full of people, it’s so sad some people feel so alone. Thank God you were there for her!

NOVEMBER 30, 2016
this is a good story

SEPTEMBER 30, 2016
this made me cry when i got home because if she wasn't there at that time that girl would have committed suicide sometimes people are there at the right time

JULY 28, 2016
Amazing, a small act truly can change someone's life or save it. Thank you.

APRIL 13, 2016
You really know how to save a person's life by doing one little act of kindness!!!!

MARCH 1, 2016
Great Job!! Anyone who looks like they would need a hug, I would be willing enough to go help them out. Always doing acts of kindness!! Go RAKTIVISTS!!!

FEBRUARY 17, 2016
I have been through the same you have been through. I was doing my work in the hallway until I heard crying from the restrooms. So I went in there to see what was going on until I saw this 7th grade kid that nearly shattered the glass from the mirror. I asked him what was going on and then he looked at me and I saw that he had a black eye and multiple bruises on his face. All he said was that he was fine, but I knew he also wasn't. So I asked him if I could do anything to help and he said," there is nothing you can do, there is nothing anyone can do." After I heard that I asked him for his number so we can talk after school. He was reasonable and told me his number, after school we started texting for around 3-4 hours. After that he called me the next morning and told me that he decided to give up on his plan because of me. I was so glad to hear that, everyday I can still hear him saying that nobody could do anything, I'm glad I went into that restroom because I knew for sure that he would take his life before the day even ended.

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