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Taxi Fare

Around 3 years ago, I was drunkenly leaving the pub with my boyfriend to wait for our taxi home when we saw a visibly distressed teenage (15/16 year old) girl on the other side of the road crying down the phone. As this was around midnight on a busy Saturday night, I crossed to make sure she was okay once she’d hung up. She said she’d been kicked out of her foster home and was trying to get to her Grandma’s house 10 miles away but couldn’t find a way there and didn’t have any cash for a bus/taxi (we live in a small town, contactless payments weren’t as common). When our taxi arrived, I put her in it and gave the driver £15 for her fare as much as the girl protested and asked for my details so her grandma could transfer me the money later. I told her it didn’t matter as long as she got home safe, much to my boyfriends dismay as he was convinced I’d been “conned” and we now had to walk home. Cut forward to a few weeks ago, when a random girl came up to me in the same pub and asked if I was the ginger woman who paid for her to get home safely and told me how much she appreciates it to this day. I’d forgotten all about it until she mentioned it. She bought me a drink and went our separate ways.


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