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Kindness is Kinda cool

Hello everyone,

Hope you are doing good !
I would like to share an exciting news with our RAKtivist community about my book "Kindness is kinda cool".

About the book:
"What do you think about kindness?
What is it to be kind? Does it have to involve donations?

I believe kindness is as simple as planting a tree or saying "have a nice day" to someone, giving a positive compliment, or a word of encouragement. Perhaps, asking the elderly about their memories, eating locally, using environmentally-friendly utensils, and helping your family.

This book is about the voices of the people we cross paths with every day but tend to ignore for various reasons.

It's about small acts that make a huge difference in each other's lives and bring positivity into the world. It's a collection of stories, reflecting in certain situations, which brings us connection and purpose.

I was privileged to participate in multiple events and activities since my childhood, and this book tells some of these experiences. I hope it will bring a smile to your face."

ASIN ‏of book : ‎ B094Y5GHCG (its available on all amazon market places )
Book name: Kindness is kinda cool by Anjali Naidu
Its available all around the world (Ebook and Paperback)
Link for the book:

Hope you enjoy reading.
Thank You.


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