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Rs 5

''' Today 07/09/2021 I was going to pick my mom from the gym. I had forgotten the wallet so I only had Rs 15 in my pocket. The trip from where I was, costed Rs 20. I had also pulled one of my muscle which was giving me a hard time to walk. I stopped one of the toto and explained the situation but the guy demanded Rs 20. Walking slowly towards the destination I stopped another toto but the guy refused to go to the destination. I stopped this other toto and explained the situation and he asked "Why only Rs 15"? I reply that I had forgotten the wallet at home. He agreed for the trip and I sat on the toto. When we reached the destination I offered him a Rs 10 note and a Rs 5 coin. He took the fare but returned me the Rs 5 coin. I insisted him to take the fare as already I was paying less but he refused to take the five rupee coin and remarked that 'he doesn't want to empty my pocket'. I stay startled and toto driver proceeded further. ''' On the same at 11:50pm at night I am so touched by this that I am thinking about this and also in my thoughts is that I could have been a lost child and what that Rs 5 coin would mean to me. And just the intend of thinking that I will not empty this boys pocket is pure to me. I don't know what that Rs 5 or 10 would have mean for him, maybe due to the pandemic he isn't even being able to fulfill his needs or worst feed his family and still talking an extra step with courage/ big heart to help someone in need is something that I wish I could return to someone and thank him more nicely for his efforts.


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