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Saved by good Samaritan at Montpellier Airport

Owing to covid and family illness it is nearly three years since I was last in the UK. So when I found myself last night- in the departure lounge at Montpellier Airport - being refused boarding to my easyjet flight to London, I went into a state of some shock and utter panic. I wasn’t the only one, another would be passenger having just been refused boarding himself. And all because we had put our booking numbers instead of flight numbers on the passenger locator form. An Easyjet employee was adamant. We couldn’t board. Nor could the form be altered. A new form had to be filed in on line. For two tech befuddled Brits this seemed an impossible task with only 20 minutes remaining before the gates closed. Enter Chloe, a young woman from Nice. She first offered us a wif fi connection through her phone. (We didn’t have time to register to use the airport wi fi.) My fellow panic striken Brit then announced he was dyslexic. No matter, said Chloe who completed the form for him before doing the same for me, all done with considerable grace under pressure. With seconds to spare the form uploaded to my phone and boarding officals waved us though. Thanks to this act of great kindness I would get to see my mum and do plenty of things I have long since postponed.

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What a great story, you never know how important just a few minutes of assistance can be to someone!
7 months ago