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Winter wear for Kids

I joined my workplace in 2017, I wanted to donate my salary for some goodness in society. I never believed in going through some agency and wanted to be someone who indulges directly with the people. The winters were approaching. My Mom's Sister (P.S: She received the National Teachers' Award in 2015) who is a teacher in a Tribal school in a remote area informed us that these underprivileged children do not have sweaters or any other winter wear for the bone-chilling Winters in that year. Then I wondered if we could help these kids in some way. Another of my Mom's Sister (P.S: she has 5 sisters :P), came up with this idea too. Together we donated Sweaters at the school.

After some days, I received this picture which made my heart fill with so much comfort that I can never describe. These cute Kids wanted to say thank you for the sweaters and were very happy with the new clothes.


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