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Letters From Uncle Louie members

The pandemic and 2020 left a lot of us struggling, with fear, loneliness, worry. I found myself in July suffering from newfound health anxiety. I remembered when I help others, I’m healed in return. How could I help others when volunteering is not allowed.

I came up with an idea. To write letters to nursing homes to make seniors smile. It’s simple, yet profound. I remembered an elderly couple I visited as a child, and named the group Letters From Uncle Louie after the elderly man I once called Uncle Louie.

What happened next changed everything. People from across the globe signed up to write to seniors, without expecting anything in return. We currently write to 10 homes in the USA and the UK. A few friends old and new helped us grow and run the group. The members of the group, the directors of the homes all leave me speechless with their unconditional kindness. One person can come up with an idea, but it takes a team to make it come to reality. I’m humbled and in awe of their kindness and always inspired to do more.

  • I love this! Mental and emotional support is so important to us all! It is true we also help ourselves when we help others. May your kind acts continue to be payed forward.

    Michelle Salazar

    12 months ago

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