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Family Related Story

We're all used to joking around and being intentionally mean to our siblings because, well, they're our siblings. But that doesn't mean that we're allowed to bully our siblings as much as we want all day long. Recently, I've reflected at how I acted and decided to relax a bit. I realized that they didn't wear that smile they wore every time I made those cruel sibling jokes. Being the child that I was, I didn't take that as a red flag. All I wanted was a reaction out of them. So, for a while, I acted a bit out of control. I wasn't nice or kind, and I realize that now. I've taken more time to treat them how I would want to be treated, and to back up. My sibling's now talking to me more, but it's not 100% filled with sarcastic comments. The main reason for this paragraph is to remind others to not take their relationships for granted. We could just keep up the act just because it's funny, but we should really take time to appreciate those close to us.