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Happy children

Hi, my name is Lisa. I am 13. At the beginning of last week we started a period of good deeds, because February 17 in many countries marks the Day of Random Acts of Kindness. One of our deeds was to visit the children's rehabilitation center. There are children with mental disorders or children from disadvantaged families. I was happy because I hadn't seen them for a long time, and I wanted to talk and play with them. But, in addition to the games, our aim was to take pictures of children, and then print these photos, and give to children. So, that day came, we went to the rehabilitation center and along the way created a plan with games. As we went inside, I felt a slight excitement as I wondered, how we would interact. We took turns going through the classes. There was no class that would not be happy to meet us! We had fun, played games, the faces of the children showed that they are sincerely happy! And we took pictures of children with toys, and soon they will have their own photos. I am very pleased that I have the opportunity to do good and support people who need it. Do good, it will definitely come back to you!


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