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My AMAZING brothers podcast

My little brother Brian(41) has served for OUR country in Iraq proudly! He is a father of 4 and a grandfather of soon to be 6. Sadly my brother came home suffering from PTSD, as his infiltry and brothers/family were struck . It's very common in not only our military but our EMT, Police officers, Fire fighters etc. Due to their nature of work and oath to protect. My brother has made me so PROUD of his way to conquer this consistant madness and nightmares that he has daily! Brian has made a podcast IGY 622 for any and all veterans, Police officers, Fire fighters, EMT, Nurses, Doctors to speak out and tell their stories to help stop the suicide rate. I listen to every episode and I can feel that this isn't easy for these people to talk about, but I as well as many others feel the relief in their voice at the end of every story!! Please share this link to help people suffering from PTSD and depression. THANK YOU