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Caring for Seniors

Khambrel Foundation adopted elderly seniors living at home, residential communities and assisted living facilities. Our elderly seniors need support more than ever during times of isolation and deserve a little kindness to help boost their social well being. As you know #COVID19 hit impacting many families and lives lost, our elderly seniors were severely impacted mentally and physically. With today's climate we must continue encouraging ourselves to help, serve, give, more importantly practice self kindness and kindness to ALL. September begins our helping, serving, giving season our focus this year is on Caring for Seniors. Khambrel Foundation adopted 62 Senior Citizens, served 122 hot meals, donated 55 #LaunderedWithKindness baskets filled with products and accessories, 60 personal hygiene kits, 50 covered in kindness totes, 50 Senior Care Packages and 30 #MainlandKindnessRocksProject kits to donate to our 6 community kindness rock gardens. Join the cause of Caring for Seniors and watch the joy both given and received. Be a blessing to someone elderly today! Why not be kind? Tonia Rene Griffin Khambrel Foundation