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A humble country doctor, who bacame President of his Nation

In the town of Cruz del Eje, in central Argentina, Arturo Illia was one of the town doctors and was an active politician, who in 1963 was voted President of Argentina. He was well known in his town, for being a kind man, who put others wellbeing before his personal interests. He was known for being very considerate with his patients, who could not afford to pay his fees. When someone did not have the money to be attended, he would just say: "Leave what you can, in that tray." That money was later used by the next patient, who might not have enough money to buy his medicines. He was known for being a quiet, considerate person, and possibly one of the best opportunities for reconcilliation of our country at the time. Sadly, he was ousted by a military coup, for not being hard enough on the opposition, and is remembered to this day, for being a moderate and considerate person.