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Some Good News and an Act of Kindness for the NHS :)

Dear Random Acts of Kindness Team, I hope you and your family are well and coping through this pretty testing time. I wanted to just drop you a note about an act of kindness that my wife and her company are doing to give back to the NHS staff who are putting their lives on the line daily for us. (She doesn’t know that I am contacting you). They are asking people to nominate their friends and family who work for the NHS and will pick a winner at random to give a diamond ring of their choosing worth £2,000. This may not seem like a huge amount compared with famous gestures but as a family run business, during a time when they’ve had to close most of their business, this is what they can afford to give back to the people who we rely on to look after the whole country. If however business continues to run at a reasonable level, they want to add more people to gift this to, rather than just one. This is the post and business: #mynhsdiamond Any act of kindness is so important at this time and I wanted to really highlight what they are doing to give back in some small way and I thought it is just the type of thing you would like to read and news you’d like to spread. In times like these, we’ve got to come together and support each other and be thankful... and hopefully put a big smile on someone’s face with some sparkle 😊 Thanks and please stay safe. Zoe x


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