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Journeying Out of the Void


On November 1, 2015, I walked into the Covina AT&T store. My phone was shattered to pieces and I didn’t have access to any money. Looking back, I have no idea why I walked in there believing I would be able to do anything, but I had to trust in something bigger than the lack of resources I possessed at the time. I walked in hoping that God would press upon someone’s heart to move in my favor. And, my God, I am so glad I did, because he did just that for me. 

I walked into AT&T embarrassed and afraid they would ask what had happened. I was preparing to create a comfortable story to cover up everything, but when I pulled out my phone to explain, I just started crying. To me, it was so much more than just losing a phone because of someone else’s uncontrollable anger. It was the moment I had to accept that I had no control over my abusive situation, no way to continue keeping it unnoticed, and no ability to hide my reality. I was standing in a place that required me to speak up and hope someone would hear me, see me, and find it in their heart to help me.

Caesar, an AT&T employee, intervened. He held a box of tissue out towards me and told me it was going to be okay. He and another associate kindly brought me water as they worked diligently to find solutions for me. These two young men were placed purposefully in this store for me. Caesar did all of the work he needed to do to make sure I walked out of that store with a new phone, a new phone number, and a case to compliment my new journey. 

Caesar was my reminder that there are people out there who are placed perfectly to stand with each of us on our own journey. There are folks that will actually see you, reminding you that it’s all going to be okay. As I journey through my healing, I want to say thank you to Caesar and the staff in that AT&T store on November 1.  From the hearts of every woman who has ever had to fight through pain, shame, embarrassment, abuse, and feeling like no one was listening, thank you is simply not enough for your witness to my journey. Domestic violence is real and scary and there is nothing more comforting than having complete strangers embrace you and your story, posting themselves to help you through.

If you, or anyone you know, is a survivor of domestic violence and needs to speak with someone about resources in your area, I encourage you to call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at (800) 799-7233.


Antonia J. White

(626) 252-8920





Some Moments Are About Appreciating The People God Places Perfectly Along Your Journey- To Symbolize His Hand In Everything. On November 1st 2015, I walked into The Covina AT&T store, My Phone Was Shattered To Pieces, And I Didn't Have Access To ANY Money. Looking Back I Have No Idea Why I Walked In There Believing I Would Be Able To Do Anything, But I Had To Trust In Something Bigger Than How I Felt, and the lack of Resources I Possessed at The Time, I Had To Walk in Hoping that God Would Press Upon Someones Heart To Move In My Favor. ..And My God I Am So Glad I Did, Because he Did Just That For Me. I walked Into AT&T Embarrassed They Would Ask What Happened,And Preparing To Find A Comfortable Story to Cover Up Everything, But When I Pulled Out My Phone to explain- I Just Started Crying. It Was So Much More Than Just Losing A Phone because of someone Elses Uncontrollable Anger, It Was The Moment I Had To Accept I Had No Control Over My Abusive Situation,No Solution To Ensure It Goes Unnoticed, And No Way Of Hiding My Reality , I Stood In A Place That REQUIRED ME To Speak Up And Hope Someone Would Hear Me-See Me- And Find It In Their Heart To Help Me. ... This is where Ceasar (an AT&T employee)Intervened,He Held A Box Of Cleenex And Told Me It Was Going To Be Okay, He and another associate kindly brought Me Water as they worked diligently to Find Solutions For Me. This Young Man, And the other associates in the store, were placed Purposefully In This Store For Me. I thank God AT&T saw something In You all and Hired Such Amazing Employees. When I Tell You All Ceasar Called all of the Supervisors He Needed To Call To Make Sure I Walked Out Of That Store With A New Phone, New Phone Number, And A Case To Compliment My New Journey, He Did Exactly That! He Was More Than An Employee That Day, He Was My Reminder That There Are People Out Here Who Are Placed Perfectly To Stand With You in Your Journey. To "See you" and remind you it is going to be okay. As I Journey Through My healing, I wanted to say thank you to Ceasar, The Staff,And AT&T, you are definitely apart of my testimony. If You All Walk Into The Covina Ca AT&T Store And See Ceasar, Shake This Mans Hand, And Tell Him Thank you from every Woman Who Has Ever Had To Fight Through Pain- Shame- Embarassment And Abuse,and felt like No One Else Was Listening- THANKYOU! Domestic Violence is Real,And There Is Nothing More Comforting Than Having Complete Strangers Embracing You, And Your Story, And Posturing Themselves To Help You Through This Journey. If you or anyone you know is a survivor of Domestic Violence and need to speak with someone about resources in your area, I encourage you to use these resources: LOS ANGELES COUNTY HOTLINE (24 HOUR) (800) 978-3600 NATIONAL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOTLINE (24 HOUR) (800) 799-7233 Respectfully, Antonia J. White 626.252.8920


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