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Promising Kindness

As all good ideas are born late at night while contemplating life's most difficult questions and coming to new realizations, it's currently 12:55 am. In this moment, you my dear reader are witnessing the beginning of a journey. I'm only a junior in high school and I've noticed an alarming lack of general kindness in school. With a noticeable theme of stress placed on the students to perform at high standards throughout all grade levels, sometimes people forget to be kind to one another. I am not exempt from this trend; I've noticed that I have become very self-involved. Focusing on my studies and extra-curricular activities, I rarely find myself smiling at other students in the hallway or simply saying good morning to my first block teacher. It may seem like small insignificant actions, but they could carry more weight than you can imagine, especially when your teacher has a 2-month-old baby and still has to wake up early to teach a class at 7:15 am.

So what am I going to do? Well that's a good question. I have come up with three promises for myself:

1) I promise to try to do small kind acts each week. Nothing too big or elaborate. A "good morning" here, an "I like your shirt" there, and maybe even a "thank you" when I'm leaving a teacher's classroom. Who knows, I could be in a rebellious mood and ask someone how there day has been or write a letter. KINDNESS TARGET: School.

2) I promise to do something a little bit bigger once a month or, hopefully, every other week. For example, making food for the local fire station or leaving a bunch of positive notes in public places. KINDNESS TARGET: The General Public.

3) I promise to call my grandparents each weekend. There isn't any other reason besides the fact that I have to call my grandparents. KINDNESS TARGET: Personal Life and Family.

So here goes nothing.