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RAKtivist: Madison

My name is Madison Peach Steiner, I am the founder of Peach's Neet Feet, and after almost five years of running a non-profit based on the platform of kindness and the science of caring, I see the world through a lens of compassion. I believe one act of kindness can be the foundation for great change in the world. 
I grew up in a family where kindness and compassion towards others was put before anything else. Because of that, I have an expanding vision for a kinder world and will continue to use Peach’s Neet Feet as a way to create a platform for synergy, conversations, and long-lasting actions that will help create a kinder world. A world where people would come together to find comfort through connection and to share in moments, not material things. Instead of people creating labels for others based on judgment, they will celebrate each other, even in their differences. 
A kinder world would require a massive shift in perspective and in how people connect with one another, but I believe we all have that ability inside us. Connecting with others allows for positive and impactful interactions that result in opportunities to help others through kindness and sharing resources. Together we can begin to shift from the “me” mentality this world is stuck in, and move towards a world of respect and kindness for others.


That's great! Love it :)
over 5 years ago

Love your non-profit!
over 5 years ago

The shift in perspective we need is to stop seeing the world as 'me' and 'not me'. Hard, as we are instinctively selfish creatures, but we are also herd animals and have to get on together. So here's to better connections, listening and understanding. Jane Vosky.
over 5 years ago

I don't understand everything of this story (because I don't speak English and I'm only 13y/o), but what Iunderstand is phenomenal! I think the world can become a better place if there's mor kindness :)
over 5 years ago

i really loved your point of view i wish i could reach this passion in my life too
over 5 years ago

This way of thinking has a score of 20! This is just the opinion of a 15-year-old Afghan girl who feels the people of his country need kindness عالی است!
about 5 years ago

That´s great! :-)
over 4 years ago