Thanks For The Food

Submitted by Anon from Anon

I just had a total stranger give me $100 in the grocery store parking lot. Thank you to the universal soul. I just spent the end of our money on Christmas thinking my husband was getting paid and coming home, he made it home for Xmas, but had 2 more days of work to leave town for before he'd get paid. So, I was in line with my 2 kids, paying with a roll of quarters, having to put back the eggs because I added wrong, and as I left I asked the clerk about the food boxes by the door, which apparently go to the food bank, which wouldn't be open for 3 days, I was hoping I could just take one with. So, as we walked out disappointed, a man gave us money and Christmas wishes. Much blessings, timely unexpected and very much appreciated. Made me remember having just given a family at the check out line in KMart a Sorry game that we got two copies of for Christmas from the grandparents. Hope they enjoy it.

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