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10 things to make others happy

Hi! I am Liza from Ukraine!
March 20 is a Day of Happiness. I was able to join our school "Bingo". This game helped me to understand what happiness is. So, I have done 10 deeds for my close ones. Firstly, I've made a breakfast for my family. Secondly, I've made coffee every time my grandparents asked me to. Thirdly, I gave my younger brother a postcard. Fourthly, I called my aunt and congratulated her on the Day of Happiness. Then, I wrote a very good review in my favorite cafe. After this, I've organized a family cinema. For this I've also cooked goodies for my relatives. I've also thanked the teachers for caring about me. Then I've called my classmates and thanked them. And then l have fulfilled my parents' and brother's dream.


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