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The happiest trip in my life

Hello! I'm Dima from Ukraine.
Due to the day of Happiness our school shares the stories of happiness. Happiness which is either created or felt by us. So, here is my story.
Well, I like travelling. I like discovering new places, new traditions, new lifestyle etc. It just makes me happy as an intelligent man. In this story, I would like to tell you about the happiest trip in my life, which was made by my parents and myself. :D
Everything started when we stopped in Kyiv for a night. We slept in IBIS hotel near Railway station, we had breakfast there, and I thought: “This is the coziest hotel in the whole Kyiv!”
Next stop was Zhyliany airport, which was renewed and cozy, too. I bought NV magazine there, because the main topic there was very interesting for me. I felt that it was interesting to read magazines of NV (Novoye Vremya) and my feeling was true.
In Vienna I discovered the power of culture and the city. We tried chocolates, visited museums, subway, trams, shops, restaurants. Everything was so comfortable but cold weather. The best thing in Vienna, I think, that everyone understands English! This city became one of my favourites, but…
Budapest, the next stop of our travel, became definitely my very favourite city. Everything was comfortable, like in Vienna: interesting places, nice language, good places to eat, the best tram in the world etc.
When we returned in Ukraine, I made definite conclusion: “This is the best trip in my life, and it will be definitely the happiest.”
I'm very thankful to my parents for this unforgettable experience!


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