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Making others happy

Hi! I am Nastya from Ukraine! Our school had organized a Bingo of Happiness on the 20th of March and I'd like to tell about it. Our task was to do a big list of good deeds and to cross it out as in actual Bingo. I accepted the challenge, because I wanted to make my close people happy. At first I cleaned all our flat and it was a surprise for my parents because at that time they were at work. Then I wrote a letter for my classmates where I said them how important they are for me and how much I love them. Next step was to call my grandma. She lives near me but because of the quarantine I can’t visit her. She was really happy to hear my voice. And in the and I made some cups of cacao for my parents and invited them to watch a movie together. It was really great to make my nearest people happy!

  • Very inspiring story!

    Andrii Zabolotnikov

    about 2 years ago

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