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Hailey Omer

Whoever decided to write these negative comments about Hailey Omer on the Dirty (and I know who you are) you are insecure, and obviously jealous of her. The fact that all of you have to write negative comments about her show that you are insecure and ready to fuel your low self-esteems by blasting a person you barely know. I am Hailey's best friend. She is not a stripper, she does not have herpes, she is not a drug addict, she is not crazy; she is a beautiful, real woman. You judge someone you don't even know and I know her and I see who she is. She is a person, just like all of you. And if I were to post negative stuff about each of you, you all would be hurt and there would be plenty of things for me (if I knew your lives) to trash talk about. So why would you do this to someone else? obviously your self esteem was low. The person who made this post used to be close to Hailey. We are adults, act like it, and stop judging. I am in Hailey's life and I will always be. I adore her, I look up to her, she is beautiful and intelligent. I know her. You do Not. When I read these posts I see JEALOUSY AND INSECURITY in its most blatant degree. Have a heart and understand that we can all trash each other till we are blue in the face, and then what have you contributed to the world and to yourself? NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. You all look sad for doing this and she is the bigger person. Hailey Omer you are gorgeous, wonderful, understanding, smart, funny, and I love you. You are a exemplary human and exceed at everything you do. You are talented and most of all you have got heart. I will stick up for you till the end. We are Satan sisters forever and I actually took the time to see who you were and are. I honor you and bless you. Ladies, don't be jealous, it is funny to me that you are looking her up online to even find negative posts about her. You can blast her all day to feel better about yourselves and when you leave your computer (NEWS FLASH) you still are who you are and that will never change no matter how much you mock someone else. In fact, it makes you look worse. I love you Hailey ! and I bless you and am here for you. I think you are beautiful, so beautiful and are a wonderful model as well. You are talented and full of life. A vivacious, sexy fairy whom I adore. You are a God and these people are obviously peons as they sit and glorify you with their comments. Bless you, honor you, I love you the most beautiful girl in the world Hailey Omer.Hail Satan.


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