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We Stopped Doing Anything

Earth gives us life. The human beings that appreciate it, care for it and love it each and every day deserve our planet's life and what it provides us with to live. The human beings that don't appreciate the life, let the Co2 burn holes in the ocean and kill millions of animals, skin creatures that live here with us, sharing our life, Earth gives us do not deserve this planet or their own lives. It may sound so terrible, but think of it this way. Earth let's us breathe, Earth gives us food, water, shelter and natural beauty. If someone wants to kill that natural beauty and take what they have for granted, they don't deserve their own lives! Never take what you have for granted, because it could all be gone. There are thousands of ways to deserve Earth, but really, you can't do anything to deserve what Earth provides us with. If you care for It, love it, appreciate it with all your heart then maybe you do! If you have already worked or managed a factory that pumps Carbon Dioxide into the air which is absorbed by the oceans, or if you have gone hunting and killed something that shares harmony with us, breathes the same air we breathe, then...there is no way to make it up to our planet, to Mother Nature. The minute a life is lost, forgiveness is out of the question. I am not spiritually connected to Earth, I don't claim to know what our planet is saying, no one really knows that, but I can feel the happiness and content feeling that flows throughout everything around me and I do know that if I was Earth and someone killed or even doesn't care about the life that I gave them so trustingly, I would not ever forgive them. But there are ways to help our planet not deteriorate so rapidly! I have many ideas and options for anyone and everyone who reads this! A guide book. The only thing that really, really matters to Earth and to really help is to just take care of the life around you, appreciate it and don't ever take for granted what you have! That helps like you wouldn't believe. Buuuuttt....... if everyone did just that and people cared, our reefs wouldn't be dying, animals wouldn't be extinct and creatures all over our world wouldn't be on the endangered list at all, trees would be growing from the biggest of roots and the healthiest of soil instead of being firewood or just cut down to make room and space for another factory with more destructive chemicals, the sky's wouldn't be dirty and smog filled, no room for the sun or clean air to be breathed in. If everyone cared and it was that simple, Earth wouldn't be dying right now! Imagine, 50 years ago this wasn't even science fiction. What did we do? We didn't do anything. That's just it! We stopped doing anything. We stopped caring! I have only been around for 11 years and 4 months, but I have already seen and heard up close and personal what's going on and who is destroying our planet! The horrible, sickening, stone cold truth? It's not one person, it's every person.


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