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Personal Experiences with the Destroying Process of Earth

I just want to go over some personal experiences that have happened with me with Earth deteriorating! I told you about the time when I went to the beach and discovered the oil and how everything was dying, but I have had other experiences. One time, when I did go to the beach again, I went down and I was excited to go watch the seals from Mo's and the beach right there, but... when I got down there, I saw the most horrific thing ever. When I was little, I used to love to go down to the beach and our beach house and go to Mo's and that beach right in front of the restaurant/gift store and watch the seals and sea lions interact and make noises and play on the sand. It was like a tradition! When we went... not only was the beached incredibly trashed, but the seal lions and seals had plastic around their necks and the birds that always made us laugh were choking, trying to swallow garbage! It was horrific and one of my many wake up calls. I wanted to clean the beach up, right then and there and take the plastic and trash out of the seals and sea lions and birds MYSELF, but my mom and dad didn't want to get into the trash and deal with the city, whether this was a crime or not, so they dragged me away and we tried to enjoy the great food at Mo's and the fun antiquing in the heart of town. I tried, but I really couldn't. I still think about that day and I wish I was a bit older and I argued with my mom and dad and made them let me stay to help and clean up! The mess was cleaned up, but one memory hangs in my mind and will never leave. The beaches still have coke cans and beer bottle caps all over, but they cleaned most of it up and more people visit. The one thing that isn't the same is the marine life. Most seals and sea lions have scars around their necks and fins and they hop around, kind of limping. The rest of them are gone. You don't see them anymore. One seal lion in particular got my attention that day. It had a plastic ring around it's neck and some wrappers around it's fins, causing it to struggle to get free from the trash. What makes me so heartbroken and sick inside is the look in it's eyes. It looked so helpless and so sad honestly... I did look in it's eyes and I... I almost cried. It looked like it was pleading for someone to help. I couldn't believe it and now that I have researched and created this channel, I understand. The sea lion passed away and to this day I wish I didn't understand. When I was little I had this tiny hope in my heart that the sea lion got free and lived a healthy and long life, but now... it's shattered. It didn't and I know why. I wish I didn't know why. Let me rephrase that, I wish it didn't have to happen this way. I wish someone cared enough back then to help the animals as well as throw away the trash. This other time, I was in Hawaii, on the big island, Kona. I was so ecstatic and I wanted to make friends, go boogie boarding and swim with marine life which, back then and still today, fascinated me. We did all that and I was tan and happy and just...content until something terrible unsettled me. When we went to go swim with the sea turtles on a private beach secluded and away from the public, I noticed something. One of the green sea turtles was big and majestic, but something was in one fin and it just.....made me sick. It was a harpoon arrow and as I saw closer, I could see there was blood clots in the fin and the shell had thousands of cracks and scars! One eye was obviously poked out by some weapon and as the turtle kept on swimming, it came to shock me that this sea turtle was struggling to swim! Flailing and falling and I knew that it would be beached eventually and somehow die, either by sky predators or by being dehydrated or just the injuries it endured! The other turtles had similar injuries and as I took it all in, I just.... it took my breath away. In a bad way. I couldn't believe it and I hated it and I didn't want to be even near them, but at the same time I wanted to hug them and send them to a marine conservation and marine veterinarian center, but I couldn't and everyone knew that. No one was shy to share that they didn't like what I was doing. To this day, I get a lot of bad comments! They say that I am too in-experienced and that I have no idea what so ever what I'm talking about and because I went to zoo camp and USED TO, AS IN THE PAST eat meat I am a huge hypocrite! They say those things and though it hurts, it also just fuels me! I need those people that don't share my idea and tell me to just give up. I need them to tell me to stop because guess what I do? I don't stop. I have to keep going! I understand what they mean and I know I can't change the world, right now, but I can inform myself and others! Like I said in another discussion, one person that cares is a brick. Slowly, but surely a wall is built, one person that cares and another person that cares stacked up and eventually, we'll do this! We'll make the world a much healthier place. Comment, good or bad, I would love to hear it.


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