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Life... It's Either Here Or Not

It proves that even though we need a lot more people to help out and join this battle, we have a strong force already and if we add more? A battle force so strong that nothing, NOTHING can defeat it. An unbreakable brick wall, so true. I am only 11 and a half years old, but I am already so proud that this many people care, about my words, but also about what's going on. Hearing that you want this to be stopped as well means so, so much to not just me, but Earth itself! I really don't want to repeat myself, I would SOUND YOUNG, and what tween wants to sound young? (Hahaha). Sometimes I am very frustrated that I all I can do is make petitions, write in my two blogs, not eat meat, research and inform myself and plan for my future. I want more than anything to be diving in the oceans and studying at somewhere right on the water, a place where I can do hands-on activities related to Marine Conservation Biology. Other times I am more than content and proud to have 1,356 people signing all of my petitions combined and that I can not eat meat and I can study and inform myself so that when I'm a teenager I can know what to do. It's mixed emotions and though I am content just informing myself right now and doing as much as a tween girl can do, I also really want to get to a position so that I can help out so much more. There is just one sentence that explains it and I want everyone who reads this and signs my petitions to.... I would love for you to comment or email me at, but if you don't want to or cannot for some reason, then I want you to just comment, tell me what you think about what I wrote and about these issues. I always want comments, but this time, it's a simple sentence and you choose. It's okay to choose what you want, this Is a free world, right? Anyways, it's the title of this petition and the words of life. Life.... it's either here or not. Earth isn't leaving us tomorrow and it won't for a very, very long time, I won't be alive and neither will you. (no offense!). Choose. You'll you have our planet, you'll have some really successful business's, many that are polluting the air horribly, but you won't have LIFE! Human beings yes, but not the kind of people you would ever want to live on this planet with. Greedy human beings who care about earning tons of Net Profit and not about the life that lives on our planet. The air will be gray and have thick smog, weighing down your lungs, literally. The ground will probably be completely paved, if it's up to the greedy people who own the factories in Hong Kong and China and places that are sending Co2 into the air carelessly, that is absorbed by the oceans if I might mention. The plants will be dried up and dead. I know I'm making it sounds terrible and horrid, but the plants will have a horrible reaction to the smog and Co2 and with the sun almost completely gone from the smog and thick, dirty clouds they won't be able to grow properly, if at all. The birds that sing their morning songs with the dew drops weighing down vibrant green colored plants with stunning flower beds sprouting in the new sunshine and misty air, the deer that gracefully bound along the ground with their family by their sides, the bears all colors of browns and midnight blacks eating the colorful berries with bouncy flavors and just enough nutrients to provide them with fat to store in the winter, when they take a peaceful nap. The foxes and wolves that feel so content and happy when the snow is hanging off spruce and pine tree branches, or laying softly on the ground like a bed of cold warmth and safety while the icicles drip water down cave walls and the bats sip the trickling water joyfully while the snow falls gently outside and the animals walk and fly lazily past, not shivering at all because of their amazing adaptability skills and stunning fur coats or thick layers of beautiful feathers and hair. The deserts full of wonderful wildlife under the heat of the sun and gentle, scorching grounds that turn to ice in the cool of the night. The elephants stomping their grounds, the millions of miles of wildlife, plants, rocks and grass and food and water. The giraffes, gazelles and zebras living in content harmony, a rainbow of spots, lines and colors creating a confusing jumble for predators, but a natural wonder to everyone else. The lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyena's and dingo's all basking in the sun and looking around with confident eyes and peaceful hearts, knowing this is their land and that it will always be theirs, no matter what "Humans" do to it. The snakes, lizards, skinks, insects, microscopic creatures all living and thriving, some invisible to all other creatures, but keeping a watchful eye out on them anyways. The plants blooming and creating such stunning and heart stopping scenery and life. The rocks that paint pictures in the beds of rivers and lakes, or give homes to little creatures needing shelter from the world beyond. The whales, dolphins, sharks, manta rays, eels and blue marlins and sturgeons swimming through the ocean eyes full of wonder and happiness, scanning their surroundings and all the tiny creatures that can either make a delicious snack or just content friends that live under their roofs of under belly's and on sides of fins. The millions of schools of fish swimming together as friends and family, providing protection and company to each other, moving from place to place in imperceptible stillness and mesmerizing patterns. The coral reefs that provide homes to millions and millions of animals, some that are invisible to everyone and everything. The microscopic plankton giving us oxygen and bewildering pictures under the microscope. Remember... The creatures we can't see can and they do. All that LIFE will be gone, or close to it, and who wants to live on a planet where all those creatures, all those exquisite, beautiful, stunning, heart stopping, bewildering, interesting, confusing, invisible, jaw droppingly ALIVE creatures are dying? It brings tears to me eyes and I am tearing up to think that already the reefs and those animals are being hunted and killed and deteriorating rapidly every minute because of selfish, idiotic acts of us human beings. I know that this is a lot to comprehend and it wasn't easy for me either, but I forced myself to accept the stone cold truth and that the world, OUR WORLD, needs help and we have to help it. It's not that hard to pick up a beer bottle hidden in the brush, or instead of being oblivious, you are aware. I just want to know what you choose. It's really simple, Life's here or it's not. What's your choice? It shouldn't be that hard, if it is..... choose wisely and be aware and understanding. I can't thank you enough, but Earth can. By giving us life and homes and shelter and beauty and creatures living and thriving, it has thanked us for caring. When we stopped, our planet gave up. We need to be Earth's strength, Earth's heart... Earth's voice. Email me at and choose now, Life or not. Comment, tell me what you think. Earth provided us with anything and everything we have, let's thank it by taking care of everything we are provided with. Earth deserves that and much, much more.


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