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Do you have someone in your life who inspired you to be a better person? Did you witness an act of kindness that left an impression? Share your kindness story with the world.

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leaving friends to be a friend

One time when I was at church I was sitting with all of my friends right by the heater I was in my favorite seat with all the people I would want to sit by, when one of the other girls in my ward came in late, she had never really been friends with any of the other people in are class, and she hardly ever came. when she came in she sat in the back all by herself. I then knew what I needed to do. I left what I thought was the best seat in class and sat in the back with the girl that was late. when I sat back there with her I had hoped that my friends would come sit with her to, but not one of them did. I was the only one who would sit by her. once I had sat down with her I looked toward the front of my room where my teacher was looking at me her eyes where full of tears, then she smiled at me and went on with her lesson. I was happy that I made the choice to go and sit by her even if it meant leaving the best seat in class, and even if no one else would sit by her, I am so happy that I did. after class my teacher came up to me and said thank you, thank you for sitting by her when no one else would, thank you. the church I go to is all about helping others and doing the right thing, there are many people in this world that just need someone to sit by them. church of Jesus Christ of later day saints. I promise you that if you are lost and you just need a friend if you go to this church you will fill loved, and mabey church is not you thing I would like to ask you to read the Book of Mormon .

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Thank you for being the ONE who was not afraid to choose the right thing to do.
over 2 years ago