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Random acts of kindness in 2019

I would like to write about tsome acts of kindness from this year 2019 in order to inspire others.

I was waiting outside a supermarket and someone asked me to take care of her dog. I am not a dog´s person, but I accepted eventhough it was a pitbull¡¡¡ I was really nervous because the dog started chasing something and trying to scape. But there was I, taking care of a dog I found scary. After a few minutes the owner came back. She was really thankful and kind that I felt well for doing to effort of taking care of the dog of a stranger.

Last month I worked as a volunteer for ecologic activism with children. We were making bags with T-shirts in order to avoid the use of plastic bags. It was exhausting but the children smiled so much after learning how to make their bags and taking photos, so proud of their work. It was worth it.

The supermarket was giving points to achieve a number of points and receive a toy. I do not have children yet, but I decided to collect the points and afterwards I put an advertisement offering the toys and two families, that were not going to be able to buy toys this Christmas, came to collect them and were really thankful.

I was decluttering and saw that I had many foreign coins that I was not going to use and decided to donate the repeated ones. I put an advertisement and a collector came from far away and it was nice to meet him and have a nice chat over coins and collecting.

I was selling some stuff I did not use and a man came to buy a celestial planisphere. I got to know him and he invited me to join his free group for looking for stars and attend the meeting to look for shooting stars¡¡

I volunteered to organise Secret Santa at work. I went so well. I am new at this office and everybody tried to get to know other people and learn about their hobbies. It went awesome¡¡

I decided to collaborate with some projects I found interesting this year. One of them is incharge of planting trees, so I have been giving trees as a present for the whole year and it was surprising how the liked the idea¡¡ Now everyone can visit their tree.
The other project was to create a recording study for new talents in North Caroline. This week I received the first album recorded there¡¡

I hope this acts of random kindness can inspire you. Have a nice year 2020¡¡¡


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