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Earth Needs Help Now, Before It's Too Late

Now.... I hope that you did what I suggested before on my other petition, Earth Needs Our Help, If Not, Life On Earth? Gone. You can visit it to see my suggestions and more information! I asked for that simple favor, but not for me, for Earth. I'm not spiritually connected to our planet, I just want to help it out and to be the voice for those who cannot speak, like the oceans and the animals and plants we have all around Earth. They need a voice and I want to be that voice as best as I can. The problem is though, my voice isn't very loud. Nope, it's small and it's weak and it's quiet. I need your voice, your strength, your help! If everyone can come together to not just fight, but win this battle against climate change, global warming, shark finning, whaling, poaching, skinning and killing of mammals, Co2 emissions, coral bleaching and the overall deterioration of the world, we can be a huge, booming voice that stretches around the world like a wave of hope, hitting the wave of destruction and greed head on and pushing it back all the way!!! My voice is tiny right now, it won't get louder if no one comes together. If everyone understands the real damage that is happening right this minute, the stone cold truth, than maybe... just maybe those people, including you who's reading this, can come together and create that huge wave of hope! I'm just a tween girl sitting at my desk typing this with the most passion and fire I have ever had in my entire life. Why should I care? I should go back to worrying about having a pimple or who's cuter at school. That's what some people have said to me. I don't care. I respect their opinions about me going back to a normal tween girl, but there's a problem! I DO CARE! That will never change no matter where I go or who I try to become. My fire won't stop burning, no matter how many times anyone stomps on it or splashes cold water on it. My rage and passion keeps burning bright, pushing me further and further! If you have read my petitions before, you understand the terribly sickening damage that is being caused by us greedy human beings, so I won't repeat myself, but I will tell you that if you read my last petition and you really looked around, you already are a voice in this chorus. Your already a water droplet in this wave! Your already a brick in this unbreakable brick wall!!! You never knew what was really out there, what's really happening before you looked, did you? That might not be the case for everyone, but I bet you a million dollars that it was for most of you. That you missed something. I am so proud and overjoyed and people all over this world, OUR WORLD, has read and signed my petitions! You don't know how much that means to me, how much that helps our planet. I won't stop making petitions, writing in my blogs and researching, and I really hope by now you won't stop caring either. Not anymore. Visit my blogs, and Email me with comments and suggestions at My parents tell me to be cautious, I won't give out my address, but I honestly hope from the bottom of my heart that if you email me, your being sincere and not tricking me into meeting you somewhere. I won't do it, even if you are being sincere. (Don't take it personally). It's okay to email, I probably will email back thanking you and asking you to tell me more and how you like it and everything! (I'm not cruel!). I have other petitions, if you haven't read them already and I hope you find some kind of interest in them, especially my latest I mentioned above. Earth does need our help, before it's too late......


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