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I find it very sad, and frustrating, that humans are ridding themselves of humanity! I mean.... think of it this way, Earth is our home, our PLANET, it's all we have, whether it was made by God or not. People have different beliefs, everyone does and I respect that, I do. People believe Earth was created different ways and people believe in Jesus and some people just don't. That's fine, everyone is different, but... it's the same planet, it's our home no matter how it was made or who was here first. Earth is everything we have. It is our food, our shelter, our water, our friends, our family, our air and our wildlife. Earth provides us with much more things and people and life than I could list, but those are some of the major ones. Some people understand this and they respect our planet and other people just don't care. Humans are greedy, naturally and genetically we all our, but...that changed! People stepped out of their genes and they became their own person! They stood up for Earth and they made a difference, but that changed too. Earth, like I said is all we have, everything we have and we should respect it, take care of it and most of all LOVE IT! I know, it's kind of stupid to say LOVE IT, but think about it. We should. Now... now, people hunt animals and kill them and eat them and they litter and do things that are so heartbreaking and infuriating! The oceans provide us with tons of oxygen, almost half of all our oxygen comes from the ocean and if we kill our oceans, we don't get any oxygen from the oceans anymore! We have to rely on the trees and healthy plants. People don't think! They think well, okay, I don't care if the oceans die, we have thousands of trees, big deal. It's a heck of a big deal! If we kill our beautiful seas and deforestation rids the planet of all our stunning trees, what do we have left? Now, come on, this is easy. Nothing. That's the answer, nothing. We won't have marine ecosystems, many animals on land that rely on trees and plants for food and homes die, and most of all.... our oxygen supply is cut down to zero! No more oxygen, no more plants, trees or ocean wildlife, no more humanity or life. It's really horrific and such a HUGE eye opener, seriously. It makes you just... think, if only for a second before pushing it aside. You comprehend it, just... when your mind finally circles back to the problems and what's going on, it's too late. It's terrible! I want everyone who reads this, if it's only a couple of people to think about the oceans we have as our family. Just for a second. Our oceans and our marine wildlife is our family, it's true. The graceful dolphins that swim just under the surface of the clear water, grazing the waves at an imperceptible speed and stillness. The sharks that are so misunderstood, with their beautiful fins slicing through the water and their silence that makes everything stop. The whales that are bigger than life with the mouths of true gentle giants and fins that are huge and destructive, but graceful and well controlled. The coral reefs that create oxygen for us to breathe, helping us out when we just destroy them with their beautiful marine flowers that is shelter for hundreds of tiny shrimp and fish species as well as other curious creatures just wandering around the sea floor, happy to be alive, if alive at all. The microscopic creatures floating in follicles invisible in the stunning water, creating things and other creatures that make all humans wonder and ponder what is actually happening. The water itself, pristine, giving a home to millions and millions of interesting species with some names no one can pronounce without their I phone. All that is our family, our long lost relatives, our best friends. The ocean and marine life has always been my best friend, If I have to be honest here. I don't have many friends. I have a few, but they don't live in the same state as me and all I can do is pray that their flight here isn't blocked or canceled every summer. Marine life and the Ocean has always been there. I swim in the ocean no matter how cold outside, having fun on my boogie board and appreciating some places in the water isn't crowded with dirt and trash and foam. I sit on the beach no matter how hot it is, sifting through the sand and looking out at the water, studying everything precariously, so not to miss anything, so that mentally I can know what I need to. I go online a lot and read about the oceans and marine life and marine conservation and I spend hours watching documentaries on TV, taking notes and watching with wonder and happiness and horror and disgust in my heart and my eyes. Mainly, I like being there.... on the beach, mainly in the water, with all my family and friends. I have family and some friends, I'm not a solitary person or anything, not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just I'm not. I have all those people behind me, but not many friends. Not any BEST friends. The ocean is a comfort. It is there, always. I am scared for my great, great grandchildren, or even my own children if the oceans will be there. The seas will be THERE, but not the same. They will be trashed and the marine life won't be... alive. That makes me very worried because it seems like everything get's worse as the years pass. Not better. It needs to get better. My family needs my help and I will do everything I can. As I get older and can go places and speak up more, I will do more and I will make more of a change. I will help, no matter what. Everyone can make a change. I have Instagram and Twitter and I'm almost positive you do too, anyone, everyone. Earth is our family, not just the oceans. EARTH, OUR FAMILY! Our planet. Our home, needs our help. It's dying and deteriorating and the oceans are getting acidic and the lands are being deforested and everyone just get's more and more greedy, oblivious to what DAMAGE they are causing. I have had people ask me, to test me on what I know, what is causing all this damage and destruction? I don't want to act like a know-it-all, but I do like having a meaningful word. I told those people that it's not what, who. Who then? Who's making Earth suffer? "Who's" not right either, is it? Nope. More like..... us. Humans. Us. The oceans are our family, let's protect and save our loved ones.

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