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Co2 Emissions Are Killing Life As We Know It And We Need To Stop That

Co2 is a deadly toxin and it makes Earth a very unhealthy and dirty place. My cousin said he went to Hong Kong and when he got off the plane, he couldn't see his hands in front of his face! They were just a blob.... surrounded by a terrible smog. When the Jurassic Dino's were wiped off the face of Earth it was the hugest mass extinction Earth has ever seen. A meteor had collided with our planet and wiped the dinosaurs off the face of Earth, killing all. Or did it? There is factual evidence that there couldn't have been a meteor big enough to completely blow all the animals, worldwide, off the face of the planet! The meteor had collided with earth, but it also hit hundreds of deadly methane bubbles waiting under the surface. With the force and heat of the meteor, the methane bubbles burst and wiped all the Dinosaurs off the face of the planet! The methane bubbles must have been hundreds of feet in diameter! When methane bubbles burst, they create fire balls like you wouldn't imagine! Fire dissolves when it reaches water, just fizzles out! We have Crocodiles and Alligators and we have Fish and Coral Reefs that are hundreds of thousands of years old. If it was just the meteor, just that pressure and rock, the water would have been blown off the face of Earth along with everything else, but no. It wasn't! Thousands of animals seeked shelter with the water and that's why, some of their species are still alive today. Co2 is a lot like methane, just not as deadly. Co2 builds up, very slowly, before bursting or attacking anything. I am young and I can't get on a plane and go and debate about this with Representatives of States and people that have authority, political wise. If I could, I would, but I can't. I want to open people's eyes about things that are going on! Earth needs our help. There are other natural ways to use factories to make products that sell and make money for families and people working hard! Using wind for power and using solar panels for energy! Using natural resources will make our planet so much cleaner and healthier! Co2 is a natural gas, coming out of our airways, feeding trees the nutrients they need to create oxygen for us, but... the kind of Co2 made from factories and gas burning cars.... that kind of carbon dioxide is mixed with other toxins and chemicals and it is in no way natural or healthy for our environment! Because of the Co2 admissions the oceans are becoming so acidic animals are dying and their slowly dissolving into nothing, like food in someone's stomach. It makes me sick just thinking about it. It's pretty horrific what's going on with greedy people wanting money in a way that's... just wrong! I have a link to a lot more facts from people I know you would believe. It's to my channel.... Life on Earth: Gone.! Visit now. I don't want money, nor does my family or anyone who helped me make my channel. I'm only 11, I'm really not in the right position to be asking for money, am I? I just want to spread the word and to help people understand that Earth? It's not so beautiful anymore and it needs our help to make it that way.