Care About Our Planet, Appreciate What You Have Because One Day, And Soon Too, It Might All Be Gone

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Look.... I have already said that Earth is dying, Sharks are being killed and finned each and every day, and it's all very important, but now....I want to just not be a downer for sec. I want to give a little guide book to anyone who needs it. Earth's rapid deterioration and the horrid greed of millions of people is a very huge issue and what's going is coming at everyone at such a fast pace it can be hard to grasp, It was hard for me at first too. I am 11 years old turning 12 in June, I'm sure everyone knows that already, but really.... I am only a kid. Sometimes I wish to be older, really WISH, but other times I don't dream about the future of teenage hood and adult life, but grasp that I am only a girl becoming a teenager and that I can't do a ton of things right now. I can inform myself and read and watch millions of things like a mad person, I can become a vegetarian with the exception of some fish, I can go to summer camps, create blogs, recycle, do little beach cleanups, but the only thing that is really making a difference, other than all the other hard, but amazing things I've tried to do and accomplished, is informing others! I will try to do as much as I can to do hands on projects and travel to different labs and museums and other jaw droppingly amazing institutes about marine conservation biology, but really.... I need to spread word about what is happening! My parents are worried about my safety online and I am too, I have no idea who is trying to contact me, but honestly.... signing my petition is kind of a trust sign to me. I'm not stupid and gullible, but I do trust most people when they say they are inspired by what I have accomplished or like what I have written. I would like to know people are getting my words and they are signing my petition because they believe in me and appreciate what I have written! That's why I am putting my email, out there for anyone who has comments on my petitions or wants to ask me a question! I might not have the answer to every question, but I would love to answer a few. All that brain-racking-staying-up-till-midnight-reading-articles-and-watching-documentaries-about-marine-conservation-biology has kind of put some info In my mind, not to brag. I have also created another 2 blogs, and! Feel free to comment on them, read them! They are a bit more sophisticated if I might say so myself and I have added a few more pictures, for everyone's interest. Now... I'm going to ask you to do something. I know I'm only 11, I have no right to ask anyone to do anything, unless it's my 2 year old cousins, but this one time... I want you to do something. I mentioned this in my other petition, but I didn't put as much detail as I really wanted to. And needed to. Look around. At every little thing around you. The plants, the cracks in the sidewalks, the birds flying in the sky or sitting on a bench chirping softly, asking for food, the rocks that lay strewn around, so still, but in other ways, a beautiful, work of art that's alive somehow. Look at any kind of animals around you, from deer to the insects that buzz around that are sometimes so annoying, but at other times, content, like firefly's lighting up the night sky, a million little balls of fire. If you live near the water, just look down into it. Some animals are struggling to live, but others are oblivious to what is to come, just swimming in a pattern that is like a warm teacup of herbal tea, familiar and calming. Look to the furthest point your eye can see, from the skyscrapers towering above and the miles of pavement and colorful cars, to the simple blue line of ocean water, marking the horizon. The waves building up, crashing down, building up, crashing down like life itself, a constant wave. I am just asking a small favor, you don't even know me and for all you know I'm just a little kid who really likes the animals and doesn't like the gross pictures of sharks without fins, but this favor doesn't have anything to do with me. Earth is asking a favor, a simple little question, something to be done. Open your eyes and see. Some human beings cannot see, but that's okay. I have no idea if this is read to blind people, if family members want to read this to them, if not, that's fine too. If that person cannot see, what I'm trying to say is they feel what's going on, they listen for every sound. They acclimate to what they have to do instead of seeing, they feel things, hear things, taste things, they KNOW things. It's actually kind of... amazing. To not see things isn't the best, but... to be able to hear them and picture them in your mind, to just know by feeling something..... it's so stinking amazing. Anyways, what I'm trying to say is... if you have eyes, It would be dang wrong of you to not see what life is surrounding you. Every little organism, the THINGS even! They are here too, they make up the world and life. They should be looked at as well. This little favor might be asking a lot, for some people seeing the truth is harder than anything, I can understand that, but once you know the truth, it get's a whole lot easier to accept it! If you deny that things are going on, that animals are dying, that the oceans are warming up, that human beings are dying from diseases, some may be caused by pollution and toxic wastes being poured out of different vehicles and objects, you won't be able to help and when your eyes are finally pried open, when you can't not look anymore, what you see will be so shocking, so terrible, so stone cold true that it won't be easy at all to grasp, much less accept. If you look now, it will be hard, but you can understand it now so that as everything just get's worse, you can follow along, with your eyes wide open. I'm sorry, I babble and I use a lot of metaphors, but... I really want my words to be beyond my years. If I didn't mention my age, would you know I'm a kid? Maybe, I don't know. Anyways, I should stay on topic. Earth does need our help and there are a lot of horrid, knuckle-turning-white-clenching-the-edge-of-the-table-so-hard things going on, but all I want right now is for everyone to just stop and look around, at everything, every single thing. If it's right at dawn, with dew drops on the lush green leaves and the sun just rising over the seemingly forever horizon, making the sky light up like a fire blazing from every single star melting back into the sky, or in the evening, when the sun sinks below the horizon, shadows dancing around in a joyous reunion as the stars pop back out, un-melting and the moon creates a cascading light across every house, every sleeping person, every little thing. Just look at it all and sometimes, at just the right moments, you'll see things you might have thought didn't exist. I also like to think that the invisible is only visible to whom who are looking. If you don't care, if you don't want to see something, you won't. But if you really want something to be there, it just might appear, like a star melted into it's background, seemingly invisble, when only hiding behind the sun's bright, hot blaze, to re-appear again when everything, everyone go's to sleep and the sky is dark. Appreciate everything you have, everything you might not know exists, because one day, and soon if I might add, it won't be here. I learned that even though I don't have much, I have love and I have a home. Not the wooden structure and the roof over my head, but the planet. Planet Earth. Leave any comments, email me if you want, it's, I'll answer. Care, See, Open your eyes! Earth needs our help and it isn't going to sit around and wait any longer. We need to do something... Now.

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