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Customer's story

I went to see this customer who is living alone and she was very very upset and was in tears as her aunt died in South Africa And she couldn’t go to the funeral as she suffering from athristis and she asked me to read this letter which her brother had sent her and I told her this is personnel and she requested me to read this letter as I was reading this and she cried even more and I stopped reading then she asked me to continue reading and when I finished reading she was crying in tears in her eyes and I comforted by listening to her story and I can understand how she must love her aunty very much. Her aunty brought her since her parents died. Then she said she just wanted to share this with me. I said it is fine and I hugged her as she was in tears. I told her she must go to her bereavement counselling and she said the people from church help her. I have spent enough time listening to her story then eventually she told that she felt very happy I came to see her and she was worried about this interview and would have cancelled as she was not ready. Eventually I carried out the UCFS ID checks I rang ucfs and highlighted that she is going through bereavement and asked them if they need futher information even though she is receiving ESA and PIP. There is someone from Spike from supporting worker coming to see her this evening. As I was leaving the house she gave me bookmark with god’s wording


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