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Unconditional Selfless Love

I have a fear of death or thanatophobia. Being hospitalized or the mere fact that I am lying in a hospital bed, have myself confined on a dextrose and to undergo a surgery is one of my greatest fears in life which I successfully overcome and survived this week. It's truly a nightmare to undergo under the knife and open any parts of my body. I have a giant lipoma in my right arm about 2 kilos of fatty tissues and I've kept it for the past 4 years since 2015. I underwent physical -emotional-mental-spiritual healing and transformation. It was a long, rigorous process to ready myself from inside out and to have a total surrender to God. All my fears were gone when I have my sister Irene beside me during the 3 day confinement in the hospital watching over me and taking care of me together with her partner, Decsan. They were my support and someone who holds my back. They were my strength when both of my arms can't be of use, my left arm has a dextrose and had wounds for the lab test and my right arm has the operation. My dearest BFF Kawi together with Alain were my driver, runner, treasurer, secretary, helper, auditor and production assistant both rain and shine. They make my situation easy and comfortable for me. They were my watcher during my almost 6 hours MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) experience as if I was placed inside the coffin until midnight, leaving their families behind. They were there for doctors appointments and hospital visits. THANK YOU for the help, for the kindness and for the unconditional selfless love