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Earth Needs Our Help, If Not, Life On Earth? Gone.

I have mentioned before that Earth is deteriorating rapidly and needs our help, but it seems like I just can't say it enough! People are actually signing up to MOVE to MARS! We are giving up on our OWN PLANET. That just makes me.... feel terrible, icky! Yeah, that's right... ICKY. People shouldn't just give up and want to move to Mars. They should want to stay on this planet for as long as they can, helping by spreading word, researching, informing themselves, telling friends, family, dong beach cleanups, traveling and finding information out, becoming members and speaking with Representatives that can take all our passion a step further! Moving to Mars is a huge expedition and it is really interesting and amazing, it really makes me stunned and awed, half in a good way, half in a bad way! But.... really, we shouldn't be leaving our planet just to... die! We should do as much as we can to help, like I said a second ago. Earth is all we have, everything we have! Think about this for a second. We went from loving our home, taking care of it, being in relative peace, throwing away trash, not catching animals and maiming them and killing them, but watching them.. in the WILD, their natural home. Now... now everyone is pumping this Co2 into the oceans, killing the reefs, the sea life, the microscopic creatures that provide us with half of all our oxygen! The worst part is that they understand what they are doing is causing irreversible, sickiening damage. They also understand that there are other cars to drive, healthier ways to run cars, healthier ways to LIVE! But they simply don't care. Their fine with being incredibly greedy, causing such terrible things to take effect all around this world, our world. Animals should be in peace, in the wild, in NATURE, where they belong. Sharks deserve to have fins, even if they hurt us sometimes. 73,000,000 sharks are killed each year by shark finning alone, that's not even counting the natural causes, by-catch and other fishing uses! Elephants can be incredibly dangerous beasts with their ginormous, super heavy feet and their extremely beautiful, but shark tusks. They can run ten people over, killing all in a split second. But they also are being maimed, their TRUNKS AND TUSKS being cut off, not even in a correct, surgical manner! Just... cutting them off. The trunks are a part of the elephants body, so they can breathe correctly, eat, drink! They are cut off... not just the ivory tusks most people think are fine being cut off, but the TRUNKS! I have seen some pretty horrific pictures of elephants without the front of their face, just sitting there. One video, actually showed the elephant blink and I sware the eye lids were just slits and there were tears pouring down his/her face! I'm not kidding. That elephant didn't have a trunk or it's tusks. It couldn't eat, drink and since it's mouth was in shreds...breathe. That video showed the horrific, idioitic, stomach churning, fist clenching, stone cold truth of what idioit, greedy human beings are doing to fairly innocent, stunning, natural beauties of wildlife. It's so, so terrible. Not just that, but tigers, lions, big cats all over are being killed for their skin! I would never, ever want to wear a leoapards coat, or hold a lion's head proudly! What would make me overjoyed and so, so proud would to see the leaopord in the wild, sitting in a tree peacefully, or the lion having it's HEAD ON IT'S BODY, prowling the grounds proudly and taking care of it's family, it's pride. Would you want to hold a lion's head, knowing that that animal, that stunningly beautiful,heart stopping, jaw droppingly amazing animal was killed in such a horrific way and that now.... one more lion isn't on this planet. Knowing one more shark isn't swimming in the oceans that make Earth itself proud. That one more elephant isn't holding it's head high, one of the biggest land mammals on Earth walking across the millions of miles of it's home, the natural wild. That makes me get all teary! I'm trying to hold back tears right now, really. Think about that! I'm only 11 years old almost 12 and I have no right asking adults to do something, telling them to do something, but really.... I'm going to, right now! Don't take it personally if you think I'm telling you what to do, just do this one thing. Not for me, for Earth. Look. Open your eyes and look out at everything. If you live in a crowded city, look around. At the buildings, the cars, the buses, the bycicles, the people, even the wildlife! If you really want to see something, some bird, some insect, even some other kind of animal, you might just see it. If you live on the water, river, lake, the ocean even, look out as far as you can see, go on the beach, or to the edge of the sand into the water, look into the ocean. Millions and millions of animals are down there, struggling to live. Where you live might be different, probably stunning and if your on the water, I'm not saying that the animals right at your feet are dying, but honestly... they will be... very soon. The Co2 emissions, the global by-catch, fishing and finning of sharks, seal poaching, whaling-the killing of whales, coral bleaching, trashed beaches, smog... it's stretching around this world like a huge wave of greed, carelessness, disease and deterioration! It's coming around faster than ever now that people understand and just don't care. Some people do care, some people are helping, but it's not enough. I just want everyone who reads this, even if only one person does, to look around at the life that is surrounding you. If it's already to you, the wave of terribleness and things are destroying itself around you, then take that in too. Compare the blue sky with clouds and care free birds, to smog filled air that makes your lungs feel heavy and the birds become ill. If your beaches have some trash, take that in and compare the healthy sand and happy human beings, to oil covered sand, unhappy people because everything's gray and deteriorating and trash everywhere because humans just don't care anymore. Compare healthy animals, to animals that just aren't here anymore, or aren't going to be here very long. Just open your eyes and see. If you still have that natural beauty and people that actually care, then really appreciate it! I have learned the hard way that I don't have a lot and that I have to appreciate everything I do have, because one day, it might not be here anymore. See, look, take everything in. A coke can in the sand? Beer bottle hidden in the brush that you happen to come upon? It doesn't take much to just pick it up and throw it away. Comment, tell me what you think! I would love to hear it. I would really like to know that someone cares.