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Strength and courage from Jaiden

I ran across this story of a 14 yr old boy, Jaiden Rogers who is suffering from a very rare disease called Stiff Skin Syndrome. I have been blessed by all his strength, determination and courage by what he is going through. He is an inspiration to those of us suffering with a disease and to many others. Stiff Skin Syndrome is a very rare disease where his body is turning to stone.  There have only been 41 cases of this disease and Jaidens is the only active case that the Dr.s are aware of. There have been so many wonderful people who have supported Jaiden. His parents, Tim and Natalie Rogers think the world of Jaiden and are desperately trying to raise money to get him to Europe for a stem cell treatment or he will die.  They have run out of options in the U.S. His parents have set up a go fund me page to try and raise the money.  They have been blessed by so many people supporting them and are forever grateful but more support is needed. If anyone would read his story and help support him like he and his family have opened the eyes of myself and many others to how we in this world are to show little acts of kindness. That is what life is all about! Thank you Jaiden!