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The SMALLEST Of Things Are The Foundation For The LARGEST

The microscopic plankton is providing us with more than half of all our oxygen. The coral reefs are giving homes to millions of sea creatures, some invisible to the naked eye. Or maybe, the invisible is only visible to whom who care? Think about that for a second. I have said before that marine creatures and the ocean itself is deteriorating rapidly, but the problem is focused on the creatures we can't see, much less know exist. The phyto-plankton are strong creatures that give us the air we breathe every millisecond, but... they are also the most fragile and easy to destroy. I am not trying to be a downer here, there are so many ways to help, but if you want the truth? I'll give it to you. Every time we drive a car, Co2 is pouring out senselessly, invisible to every human. That Carbon Dioxide is absorbed by the oceans, faster than you would believe. That causes acidification levels to rise and rise until one day, the reefs can't take it anymore and the marine animals just simply give up. (Again, sorry I'm such a downer but this is the truth). Right this minute, the marine animals are struggling and the reefs are deteriorating! We have to change that..... like, NOW! We don't have millions of years to just kick back and kind of think about it. We have about.....50 years? 100 years? That's not as long as you might think. The smallest of creatures, the ones some human beings don't know exist on this planet are fighting harder than the biggest of marine animals. They are still providing us with oxygen somewhat clean, (somewhat with pollution). We have to help them fight harder! Their silent, they don't have voices. They need us to speak up for them. 1 strong person can win the fight with a few nicks, but if they team up with other strong people? Unscathed. The oceans, Earth, LIFE needs us to team up with them and save their habitats, food sources and oh yeah.... them. One person that cares is a brick. If people that care come together? An unbreakable, reliable brick wall. Everyone needs to join this fight. The smallest of things are the foundation for the largest and if we let the invisible creatures deteriorate and die? It's like a rug pulled out from under you, no footing, no foundation... you fall. The oceans, the WORLD is having the rug pulled slowly out from under them right this minute, but we can't let our home, our planet fall. We have to stop it and stick that rug firmly back to place. In non-metaphor words? Replenish our planet, regain our footing and let the smallest of things thrive. If the creatures we don't know exist live, so will everything else, including us. Humans. us.


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