Life On Earth.... Gone

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Earth is our home, it is everything we have. I can't even list what is provides us. Life. Life is what Earth provides us with and it makes me sickened to think some people just don't care! They throw it all away. I am 11 years old turning 12 in June and like I said in one of my other petitions, I hear all the time that I am way too young and I don't know anything and I should just go back to lounging around and being a kid. It does sting, but I use it as fuel! It pushes me forward. Those negative words, those bad comments... their my embers and add a match that lit up inside me every time I see people not caring? You get FIRE! Lots and lots of flames. The oceans are something so hard to explain! The waves crash with a sound that is mesmerizing by sound and the water laps at your ankles gently, making you feel the most calm you have ever felt. The sand sinks between your toes like a natural massage, smoothing out the wrinkles and calluses like they were never there. The marine animals right below the surface, eyes wide with wonder, mouths open breathing in the clear water. Their fins keeping them afloat, silently swishing through the water in a pattern that is so normal, so familiar to the creatures under the water. The land animals are walking on land that is also familiar, the grass soothing under foot, the plants looking delicious with dew drops and their vibrant colors, the trees standing tall over everyone's heads, the sunlight streaming through their sturdy branches. What if all this was gone? Earth is deteriorating. Why? Because humans are being greedy, destructive beasts causing irreversible damage and heartbreaking deaths and extinctions of hundreds of species. Carbon dioxide is silently, senselessly, tastelessly pouring out of gasoline burning cars, trucks, bus's, trains, airplanes, factories! All that Co2 is absorbed by the oceans all around the world, which is causing rapidly rising acidity levels which is causing all marine animals to deteriorate and die slow, painful deaths! Earth is speechless, it communicates by giving and providing us with beauty and life. Earth has always been silent, but.... what it gave us, what we still have is full of life and song! The kind of silent I'm talking about isn't good. You know why? There won't be anything Earth can provide us with, no song, no life to speak for it. We have to be Earth's voice! Before it's too late. Earth deserves to not just live, but thrive! Everything on Earth deserves to thrive, including human beings. The factories in Hong Kong, South-Central America, China, America.... their the funds that provide homes, clothes, food, water, toys for thousands and thousands of families all over this planet, but... their are other ways to run the factories, other natural and healthy ways! I don't want to shut down the factories and have thousands of fairly innocent families become homeless. That would be unfair and horrific. Solar power is amazing, efficient and so healthy! That would be a way to provide power for homes everywhere! Wind power is also very healthy and efficient and that would be a major option in making factories more healthy and not Co2 burning. I can see the wind mills providing the power for millions of factories, the other millions of factories could use solar energy. Replacing one bulb in your house to an LED light bulb is taking over 1,000,000 cars off the road! Throwing away trash is so,so helpful! Recycling is always amazing and helps our environment be more green, every single day. Don't you think Earth deserves that much? That and much, much more. Be Earth's voice, confront the problems that are killing our planet, stand up for endangered animals, talk to people about how to help and prevent this terrible damage from getting any worse. Those are just a few of thousands of ways to help our planet, our home, everything we have be replenished. It sounds amazing, doesn't it? Time is running out. The ocean is still acidic and animals are still being hunted for no reason except beliefs, that I respect with all my heart, that haven't been proved to work at all. I have my own blog, with tons of quoted articles, my own personal experiences and comments, tons of pictures and links to different websites with lots more information and scientific definitions. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them! You can be stone cold honest, I can take it. I really hope I can reach my goal of supporters and that word will be spread! Earth is dying and it needs our help, before it's too late and life on earth? Gone.

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“Hi, my name is Helga!”

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