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Kings Care Foundation Donation - Sean & Tracy Wirch

I met Sean and Tracy Wirch at the 2019 NHL Draft party where over 700 LA Kings Season Ticket Members, players, and fans watched and celebrated at Grand Central Market.

I was working at the Kings Care Foundation booth and Tracy walked up wanting to make a donation. Handing her the handheld device, I watched as she input a generous monetary amount and clicked submit. The first thing she told me was that she believes in "Paying it Forward" and had an after-school club dedicated to this principle.

After she introduced me to the Random Acts of Kindness page, I have been trying to implement random acts of kindness into my daily life. Thank you Tracy and Sean for your random act of kindness to the Kings Care Foundation!

  • So much can be achieved with a simple act of Kindness!!!!!!

    Tracy Wirch

    over 2 years ago

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