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Acts of Kindness Changed My World: My Life with Autism

It is amazing that every act we take will ultimately affect other people around us, and this proves the significant effects in changing other people’s behaviors through imitation (copying a particular behavior we observe). When we give to others, we are taking consideration for other people’s desires and needs rather than our own. There are actually many benefits in giving, and this has proven for physical, mental, and emotional relief. As someone with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), the world can seem to be a confusing and cruel place. Having ASD shows the difficulty in properly socializing with other people and making and maintaining relationships. I have been judged and criticized for something beyond my control, and being excluded from social interactions by many children was painful enough to know that I was not wanted. However, one act of kindness from someone without them knowing about my disorder can go a long way and make me better as a person. Throughout my life, I have learned a few concepts on how important giving really is. First, people who give more to others are genuinely happier than those who do not. Giving is not just materialistic. It is the emotional support and motivation to keep on being the person that I am, and being given emotional support shows more lasting effects. Thinking about others has a longer effect in staying joyful with your life, and nothing is as satisfying as giving to people who need it most. When I saw those who did nice things for me and started imitating them, it reinforced me to keep on doing nice things for others, even if they may acknowledge that or not. Also, giving to others makes you “feel-good [and] do-good,” and helping everyone around us is truly satisfying. I see that every person wants nice things to be done to them, and this is especially true for me with the encouragement that I need to keep living my life with autism. Every day, we all go through personal battles and struggles that having the right motivation from people is virtual for our personal growth. Feeling good in doing good for others also shows that you have concerns for them and puts you in a more peaceful state. I currently volunteer in a local public school assisting a special education teacher with students with autism. Having to help someone learn more about autism through my own experience is one of the best things I have done to help those who are in need of assistance, no matter how great or small. Volunteering there truly has opened new discoveries and inspirations. As of now, I can never stop giving back to people, even to those who don't do anything for me. The way that I can see how people treat others really speaks louder than any words they express, and this is something that I am willing to hold onto. There is nothing that people can do to take away the fact that still doing good for others without it being reciprocated to us is actually the strongest trait a person can have. We all need to remember that the way we respond and approach those situations can do so much more than what we ought to think. Responding with respect and positivity flourishes our character and strengthens our potentials. Giving your life to help someone else is truly the highest act of kindness anyone can show, and I am speaking that through the experiences I have and the choices I made. We do not have to necessarily give much to lend a hand, but it just needs an open mind and heart. Becoming empathetic helps us think deeper about the world we live in and what people go through in their daily basis. Giving will simply make a big difference in the world that is desperately in need of help. *Inspired from the blog "The Benefits in Giving to Others" in my website What A Beautiful Real Life