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Do you have someone in your life who inspired you to be a better person? Did you witness an act of kindness that left an impression? Share your kindness story with the world.

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Two Blind People Save A Child's Life

Robert F. Smith, totally blind, a few years ago started on a quest to do acts of kindness. He didn't have a clue where his footsteps would take him. One of his journey's was to walk from Long Beach, California to Las Vegas. He accomplished the task, and while he was walking he raised funds for a child who needed a service dog. (Mission Accomplished) He also passed out over 500 sock puppets to children who were very ill, libraries, and schools. In addition, he passed out flags and did free concerts for our Veterans. After this quest of travelin 1,466,022 steps in one month, Robert decided to reach out to other blind people to engage them in acts of kindness. He met Jennefer Bautista, who was also totally blind, and she lived in the Philippines. Her dream was to help a local orphanage. Robert & Jennefer started to work on this immediately, however things changed as they found out about a teen (14) who was abandoned at the age of two, suffered severe ear infections, and it left her partially deaf. In addition, Sophia had now been diagnosed with a very severe heart condition, and unless it was fixed she did not have much time to live. Robert and Jennefer, started working together and Robert even started a Go Fund Me Page as well as he started raising funds on Facebook. Seven days later, they had accomplished some amazing things. They got of Dr. Judah Gozar, and he arranged for a $40,000.00 surgery to be done for $2,500.00 . Robert & Jennefer went to work on this and 9 days later a successful surgery was accomplished. This is only the beginning though, because Jennefer & Robert are now planning on assisting other children with Dr. Judah Gozar. They have also set up a puppet team, which eventually will be training other children in the orphanages, to do shows of thier own to help others. Here is a video of Sophia's Success.


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