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Sharks Aren't The Predators Anymore, We Are.

Sharks are beautiful creatures and one of the most important species in marine wildlife ecosystems! They are also very endangered and one of the most misunderstood animals on Earth. Sharks are deadly creatures with slicing sharp teeth and huge eyes that can see everything, even some things humans can't. They have sleek fins that slice through the water with a silence that is so amazing and striking it stops your heart (not literally). Their fins are so beautiful and.... like I said before, sleek and striking... they make the sharks swim at an imperceptible speed and stillness. Humans think that sharks are dangerous and they are deadly and so disgusting that they kill people! I know, there are shark attacks all over the world happening right now, it's terrible, but sharks don't mean it! They see things that we can't, which makes it even more confusing. They are hungry because their food sources are dead because of rising acidity levels in the oceans all around the world and they see that our bodies are shaped like seals and most likely have black suits on, so they strike, their starving bodies being pushed to the limit to just find food, finally getting a good, hearty meal, no offense. Most sharks realize that the "thing" they bit is not their regular food source and doesn't taste "right", so they let go, eventually after some struggle and swim away. Humans, obviously bat them away because their pain is excruciating and they try to poke their eyes out and even hit them in the nose where they smell the fresh blood, but that just makes the sharks infuriated and they just clench tighter because of their own pain, if it's in the eyes, mainly. Humans rarely get eaten, and that's mainly because the sharks are almost to death because of starvation and most of the time, humans get away with serious injuries or even less than serious injuries. It's not right, but if sharks had more of their own food source they wouldn't attack in the first place. Maybe they would, but most sharks are just really hungry or almost dead from starvation! Personally, I love sharks and I hate that people catch them, cut off their fins and gills, throw them back in the water and practically watch and know in their hearts that those sharks are suffering a slow and horribly painful death! It makes my heart HURT! Shark fins don't cure deadly diseases, if I can say in the nicest way. If they did, they would have already and cancer wouldn't be spreading BY THE DAY! I have a family member that has cancer and my best friend has had many family members with different kinds of cancer. It's not helping, so just STOP cutting fins off of beautiful, misunderstood sharks! If there's not a demand, there's no reason and that just makes me sick. Cutting fins off sharks for money and in the end, fun! Now... Hong Kong and China and South America are HUGE contributors, but... Americans are too! Oregon itself has two shark finning business's selling shark fin soup and other products involving sharks. Americans cut the fins off, let the shark's go to die slowly and painfully and then sell the products to China and countries neighboring that one, in which they pay lots of money for them! Thousands of dollars. I know shark finning is a business and it makes money for many families, but.... there are other ways that are natural and healthy and doesn't involve endangered species. Sharks are thrown out to sea without fins and that causes them to die a slow and horrifically painful death. That makes me cringe inside and honestly, if I ate shark fin soup, it wouldn't make me feel better. I would get sick. Sharks need help and I need help also, in getting the word out. I am 11 years old turning 12 in a few months and I hear all the time that I am wasting my time and that I'm just a kid, I don't know anything and I should just go back to my barbie doll magazines. That hurts, but mainly, I use it as fuel. I am insanely passionate about marine conservation and I will never stop. What do you think about shark finning and marine conservation? Should shark finning be stopped?


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