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RAKtivist: Kane

My whole life has been dedicated to the search for meaning in chaos. A voyage for the one true way to enlightenment, to recovery, to being well, to find inner peace. To fit. It comes from growing up in a complex family dynamic (or to put it another way a family that was well...screwed up). It comes from knowing you are starting this adventure called Life in the worst possible way with all the odds stacked against you..

I have traveled the world, lived nomadic, been (several times) on the edge, I have explored mysticism, alternative lifestyles, religion and psychology. Yet, all this seeking, at best, met with 'less than satisfied'. I now understand, it is the simplest of things in life that can and do make us well. Connecting with people and creatively taking part in life. Experiencing new adventures or achieving even minor things. Living is about testing ourselves and celebrating what we then can achieve.

Like I said, I have tried everything because I have lived through everything and that is no exaggeration. Mental Illness, Near Death Experiences, Trauma & childhood abuse to name but a few. So what after all these years have I found that has broken the cycle of human suffering?

The act of giving with compassion & kindness releases you from the trap of the loyalty to self fulfilling misery. Giving is a paradox it is both an act of self healing as well as an act of healing another. Giving breaks down the cycle of time travel (of living in the past or worrying about the future). The act of kindness forces our minds into the ‘present’, the hear & now. Giving is an act of Mindfulness, a live active, interactive version.

One of the most powerful effects of giving to another is that we create a sense of belonging for the other person through our recognition of them. Our act of kindness acknowledges their existence in a world where many people feel invisible, alone, unnoticed. We make them feel valued & that by default, values us. Being kind lifts us from Depression, from the cycle of self hate, makes our mark on the world & creates like a positive virus, the same feelings in another.


This is so true. Thank you for articulating my thoughts
over 5 years ago

Living breathing inspiration.
about 5 years ago

thank you!
over 4 years ago