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Dreams United

Dr. Timothy Williams owns a pediatric office in Florida, but what many people do not know is that he runs a nonprofit organization called Dreams United. This man had a dream of opening an orphanage in Africa and believed that God was directing him to do so. As a result, in 2016, he took his first team to Tanzania and Dreams United was established. Along with some local churches, he has been able to expand and enlarge the existing orphanage and will soon be able to house 14 children. Many things have transformed since that first trip in 2016. After learning that many students at the local Bible College didn't have Bibles, he felt compelled to put Swahili Bibles into the hands of each student. He has since purchased property and planted a church which has already reached capacity and is ready for expansion. Dreams United has purchased land and hopes to dig a well and be able to farm to help the local people. The organization has also helped young girls that have been sold into sex slavery enter into school. Just this past year Dreams United has branched out into Vietnam. This local organization has grown all because this man had a dream. He's such a humble person with a heart of gold. Watching him pour so much of himself both in time and money to help these kids that have no hope is incredibly humbling.