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Helping A Teammate

Today during the Special Olympics wheelchair race, Camron won the race in 11 seconds, which is an amazing time! After he won the race he realized one of his teammates was struggling to complete the race.  Camron came back and helped his teammate finish the race by pushing the boy's wheelchair one-handed and wheeling his own wheelchair with the other hand. Now that is a true teammate! My heart melted with so much pride. Anyone who has met Camron knows he has a heart of gold. But there is a sad part to this story; the teammate has been eliminated from the Arkansas state competition coming up in May because he received help to finish the race.

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Coming from an individual who is also in a wheelchair, this act of assisting the young child who was struggling definitely touched his heart. A lot of times a disabled person is forgotten and others fail to pay attention causing us to doubt the human race as a whole. If we had more people in this world like this child, the world would become a much better place.
over 3 years ago