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Slow Runner
Submitted by Kristen Nozaki

Last year, I was continuing to run with a group of Employee Services colleagues to train for some upcoming races, but I found it increasingly difficult to keep up with the group as my pregnancy was progressing. I was a little embarrassed about it, but Ken Johnson and Jaime Sanchez always run a little bit slower to make sure that I was never by myself for both safety and morale reasons. The two of them would even take breaks and walk whenever I had to catch a breath to make sure I was never left behind. They never mentioned how slow I was running nor how they were staying behind for my benefit; they made it seem like it was business as usual. They did this every time I would go running with them and even though it was a "small" thing to do, it made me feel supported as a person and as a mother to be. Even my husband felt comfortable with me running after work knowing that my two colleagues were by always by my side.