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Stuck in Cuba

After an interesting educational music tour of Cuba, my husband and I ended up 'stuck' when winter storms canceled our flight home to Boston. Everyone returning to the Northeast began scrambling to find alternate routes home. We tried to rebook via the internet, but our phone service did not work in Cuba and wifi availability at our hotel was poor. My husband finally found an alternate flight to Florida, but when he got to the payment page, his American credit card was not accepted. American credit and debit cards cannot be processed in Cuba. We had limited cash and could not get a flight to Boston until Wednesday. Our remaining Cuban pesos would not last until then. Stuck in Cuba without money, we did not know what we would do! Luckily, a woman from New York also on the tour with her son managed to FaceTime her daughter in Maryland, who not only found and booked our flight to Tampa, but also paid for our tickets! A friendship that began in Cuba was solidified by a snowstorm.