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Matt's Place

A large number of people, including myself, volunteer to help cook and serve people every Thursday. These people are homeless, financially disadvantaged, or alone. Over 140 meals are served or given out, including a main meal and dessert. Takeaway meals are given to those who request or are in need. What l love about this program is how it involves the whole community. The students and people who volunteer bring clothing and shelf-stable food. People with disabilities come to serve. People who are elderly or have life-threatening illnesses serve others in need. Some of the volunteers are in their 70s, 80s, and even 90s. We all join together as a family and we love and support each other. Books and magazines are donated. Chemists donate supplies. Every person in attendance is able to take a bag of donated bread and rolls home each week. Hearing, dental, vaccinations, and medical checks are donated. People volunteer to pamper by giving manicures. Others volunteer to play music. The attendees are able to take showers and have their clothing washed. Supermarkets and other stores donate food. Bayside Church has a van to pick up all of the food and helps to fund the two locations. Once a week, we bond together and provide the dignity and respect we all deserve. I'm so proud to have volunteered at Matt's Place over the past three years. For some, it is a lifeline and the first contact for shelter and other needed services. Most of all, people care and form a bond.  Some people haven't eaten for days and are living on the streets; their whispered "thank you" is coupled with tears in their eyes and volunteers know they have made a difference. There is no greater gift than love.