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One smile. One hug. One cup of coffee. One person...

Do you have someone in your life who inspired you to be a better person? Did you witness an act of kindness that left an impression? Share your kindness story with the world.

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Magdaline Martinez ( Story ) ! ! !

Dec. 10,1990 - We Had Our Home We Were Renting Burn Down To Propane Explosion; ( Our Neighbors Propane Was Filled A Week B4 Our Tank. There Tank Is Small Our Tank Was Big. They New Worker Put Our Propane Into Our Neighbors Tank That Was Already Filled Up And During That Day Our Neighbors Tank Exploded Wrapped Around The Electrical Cord And Landed In Our Back Yard. Our Home Burnt To The Ground With All Our Memories And 18 To 17 Century Antiques ; ( My Mom And Younger Brother Where In The House When The First Explosion Happened. My Mom Fell To The Ground My Brother Flew Out The Window ; ( My Mom Had Just Enough Time To Call 911 And Grab Her Purse Looked Into The Kitchen Saw Flames And Ran Outside To Save My Dog And Brother God The Neighbor Lady Out Or Her Home B4 Our Home Went Up In Flames. Then My Mom And Brother Where Never The Same After This Huriffic Ordeal. Two Years Later My Younger Brother Was On His Way Home And Was In A Hurrific Accident 5 Minutes Away From Our Home That Burnt Down. My Brother Passed Away Due To Decapitation ; ( My Brother Was 20 Years Old When He Passed Away. My Parents Since Then Could Never Own A Home Since Then. I Moved Out With My Son So My Older Brother Could Move In With My Mom. I Didnt Want To Cause I Love,Love Living In Camarillo,Ca.. veen Trying To Move Back To Camarillo,Ca. But Being On Social Security Not Able Too. Wanting To Start My Own Business So I Dont Have To Rely On My Parents Financially. Cant Due To Being On Social Security :( Since I Was In Kindergarten To Current I Am Being Verbally Bullied By People. Even Though Im Poor I Feed The Homeless When I Can. I Was Raised To Feed The Homeless Cause U Never Know If Your Feeding Jesus! Learned This From My Grandmother. Taught My Son To Always Give Back. Im A Single Parent Who Just Gave Up On Myself. Really Enjoy Being A Dedicated Parent To My Best Son Ever. I Want My Bodybuilding Body Back And To Be Taught How To Care For Myself And Learn About Makeup And Hair And Fashion And Health To Care For My Self. Want To Live A Long Life With My Son !!! Want To See Him Get Married And Have Kids And Take Care Of His Kids!!! I Have Five Chihuahuas To Care For And I Care For My Elderly Parents! !! Thank U For Giving Me The Moment To Speak!!! Really Do Appreciate It. Continue Paying It Forward That Is So Rewarding !!!! God Bless !!! B Safe !!!