Kindness Starts With One®

One smile. One hug. One cup of coffee. One person...

Do you have someone in your life who inspired you to be a better person? Did you witness an act of kindness that left an impression? Share your kindness story with the world.

Tell Us Your Kindness Story
With friends RAK day is everyday by Decatur

My friends are probably the jackpot of best friends. Whenever I didn't have a pencil Madeline was there to help and put a smile on my face that stretched a mile long (figuratively). Whenever I wasn't in a good mood Ruby was there to make the day brighter than the sun. Whenever I forgot something Hayen got it covered and made my mood the happiest mood you could ever imagine. They always do random acts of kindness . Even the littlest acts make the world a better place. Almost every day they throw compliments at me, smile to others in the hall, and befriend the ones who look lonely. Ruby, Hayden, and Madeline (mostly Madeline) inspire me to do better and I have decided to form a RAK squad with them that will always be open to new members. I hope this story inspires you like my amazing friends inspire me to make the world a better, kinder, happier place


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