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Harvey Helpers

After the horrible destruction in Houston after Hurricane Harvey, my family and I drove down and volunteered in three homes. The first home had the entire first floor destroyed. Everything was soaked and moldy;  my two younger brothers and I were tasked with the duty of carrying everything outside to the dump pile. All we had were some gloves, an old wagon, and three plastic medical masks, but we had fun. We took turns riding down the long driveway in the wagon to the pile, and we took turns pushing. We made all of it into a game. After we were done, the lady and her daughter who lived there were able to begin rebuilding. The second house had been completely submerged and we had to use large machines to demolish the house. We did not get to help with that, but we were allowed to babysit the family's five kids. We played in the stream by their home. We found salamanders, built a dam, and played many tag games. The final home that we helped at was quite small and had little damage. This time, we got to use sledgehammers to break out all of the molded walls. We worked for about 3 hours and completed the work at that home. Then, after three days, we went back home.